US hospitals struggle to match Walmart pay as staff flees omicron

COVID did a lot more than that. It showed people that there are more than enough resources to go around, most jobs are completely unnecessary, not everyone has to work, and people with truly important jobs are getting shafted.

Honestly, I’m still amazed about how things went down. I never thought—under President Donald Trump, of all people in all possible timelines—that the federal government would actually pay people more to sit home than they were making going to work. It was truly amazing when you think about it, doubly so for those making $7-$8 an hour.

Things that could never possibly happen—because the economy would collapse because socialism/communism—happened and there really were no consequences. Half of the population stopped working or greatly reduced their work hours and… things were actually not that bad. Yes, yes, long term consequences, inflation we are seeing now, and whatever. But the point is the “nightmare” scenario where people stop working and get paid to do nothing happened and the world didn’t stop. In many ways it thrived, you just couldn’t get a haircut and had to eat outside on a patio or do takeout. Hell, it seems like one sideways boat had far more or an immediate impact on the world economy the half of the population sitting home watching Tiger King.

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