Host of embers has begun a critical battle. Returning to your world.

Okay, pardon me. I am now level headed. Feel free to insult me as I have lashed out.

I do not enjoy the invader mechanic because every invader I come into contact with without fail is a toxic R1 spammer with no honor. As such I view them negatively, and do not take the chance, as I don’t particularly enjoy PVP in these games. Because yes, I am god awful at it.

So yes, I tend to be cocky right in front of safe havens like the casual I am. I am not ashamed of this.

I am sorry for lashing out. I know people actually enjoy the invasion mechanic and are incredibly frustrated when all their hard work is nullified by a boss fog trump card.

Thank you for keeping the game interesting.

No, I am not bipolar, I promise.

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