Hosting a brunch and someone ask if they can bum a PreP off of you...

I am not twisting your words or trying to paint you in a negative light. I have ceded that the language I used was hyperbolic and that missing once doesn’t reduce efficacy to 0%. Either you’re not reading my responses or you’re ignoring that for some reason.

I don’t know what kind of “emergency” you’re referring to where someone has the foresight to take two pills up to 24 hours in advance and then one pill every 24 hours for two days following possible exposure, but they can’t just take their medicine daily or, failing that (say they did forget to take it, which is understandable and very much human) use another method of prophylaxis like condoms, safer sex practices, or just rescheduling.

In the case of an emergency like they got drunk and forgot, we’re assaulted, or some other similar circumstance, the rapid dosage method you cited support for wouldn’t be helpful as the RDM still requires pre-exposure use. For response to an exposure in an emergency situation, seeking professional medical attention would be most appropriate (seeing a doctor for PeP).

If your emergency is that someone offers to have unprotected sex with you but you haven’t been taking your Truvada as prescribed, then maybe the rapid dosage method would be something your physician might recommend. But it’s not something to do after getting advice from an anonymous medical researcher over reddit.

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