Hosting Gone Wrong.

People are kind of climbing up your asshole for your host not being "pure and true" I guess, but I kind of agree with you. When I am hosted I recognize that there are two possible primary motives: someone enjoyed what I'm putting out there, and/or someone is trying to help me. Either of those is awesome, I always appreciate the gesture and I always thank the hoster. Always. It's just the right thing to do.

Here's the thing, I also always assume a secondary motive is a hope to be hosted back at some point. Why? Because hosting is helpful, and it's an important and well understood component of networking and channel growth. Do most people obsess on that? No. But I'd be a liar if I didn't admit when I host people I hope they host me back at some point. If they don't will I stop hosting them? Of course not, I host them because I like them (talking about recurring hosts here obviously). But hosting is helpful and it builds ties between streamers and their communities. It's a good thing.

That all said, if I were to host a random person that seemed slightly off-put (the "that's cool, I guess" makes it sound like the host was a useless and borderline-annoying gesture), I wouldn't host them again. A host isn't "cool, I guess". A host is cool, fucking period. You don't need to go ape shit if I host you, but I'm a person too and it's fun to see someone enjoy the fact that out of thousands of streamers I chose you.

I notice there is a HUGE emphasis on streamer purity here. Like it's uncouth to ever do anything if it's not 100% for the love of streaming. That seems to color much of our responses to things that should be expected. You know what? If someone hosts you be a little bit respectful and say thank you.

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