Hot Air Balloons


Day 2 of No Nut November:

Cold day out apparently, I couldn't tell. The heat radiating from my balls kept my room at a good 80°. I was supposed to work today, but I feared the moment of my phallus pressing up against my pants would push me to the edge. I made do with sweat pants and tape.

On my way to work, I was able to smell a scent of a nearby woman that was approximately 74 yards away from me. She was behind me, but I could tell she was using Dove skin care. My flesh totem reacted, but I maintained my cool. I had to get out of this dangerous area, so I used my nut-chakra and instantly teleported out.

During lunch, I sat away from people, as far as I possibly could. I was enjoying my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just without peanut butter because it was NNN. But then, from another building, I heard Abigail let out a fart, thinking she was by herself. Pre-cum started leaking the instant I heard her break wind.

It was too soon to nut now. I decided to clock out early and levitate back home. I wasn't able to fly at high speeds yet, it's only been two days since I've masturbated, I must wait longer to achieve the power. For now, I shall isolate myself, and empty my mind of Abigail ripping ass in her office chair.

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