"Hot girls who are single = RED FLAG" [+680 & gilded]

I actually feel sorry for how old this person is in the video (and the surrounding adults) doing what you'd expect a group of 13 year olds do. Then at least he'd be excusable for youth and being too sheltered about the world and just spiteful at stuff he doesn't understand yet.

Kids haven't worked out personal boundaries yet, haven't owned their own feelings( holding women responsible for their own feelings about them and haven't learned that boundary of where that responsibility sits yet). They haven't gained an indepth understanding of the large amount of human behaviours, struggles, learning, changing they'd only get with some time reflecting on themselves and others in life.

Or that a person you knew in that moment are just at a snapshot in their life. They might make a mistake but they are allowed to. Just like we all do.

Holding a grudge for what a person did doesn't apply as their entire gamut of human experience or how others will experience them for the rest of their life. What's more, is, kids haven't made enough of their own mistakes to draw a comparison to other people yet to mirror connect we're all human beings that make those mistakes together and learn together. They don't know their parents aren't superman and woman. They don't know a lot of their expectations don't live in reality.

We don't expect kids to get that. They are too young to observe for that long.

But seeing someone experienced and appears to dress like a professional, choosing to behave immature and publicly boasting his lack of character online is just like watching a plane drive into the ground and not getting to it until there are pieces everywhere and the collateral damage has already been done.

I watched that and all I could think is:"I'm sorry I can't do anything for you, you are in a lost-cause situation and I feel really bad for that it's too late to do anything now..i could call an ambulance but your dignity is already mangled, in pieces on the ground so I guess I'll just call a coroner"

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