Hot Take on the Scholar Issue?

SCH is a job that requires you to know boss mechs in advance so that you can time all your shields for the incoming raid wides. That's normally how I play it, it's fun utilising my entire kit and having my alliance take zero damage. My time on 14 is mostly taking up by normal content so once I memorize fights, I proactively support and then just broil.

Now the scenario I deal with the majority of the time is when my co-healer does not use not even half their kit, and I dont mean experienced healers that are just DPSing and heal when needed, no I mean healers that have no idea how to use their abilities. I shield the party, I raise the most, I apply excog ahead of time on tank before TBS, raise my co healer when they die, and solo heal when they die again.

But once an 8man or 24man ends, I get the lesser amount of coms. You see I've made a fatal mistake, I dont use raise macros, guess who gets all the coms? To the party all the work I put in as SCH gets overlooked bc most of the community has no idea how SCHs play, to them all healers are the same, they keep em alive.

I'm not salty about it, I've come to terms with people not valuing good SCHs, but you know the worst part? I dont even need to do that at all, the most efficient thing I can do in normal content is broil and throw out succor and excog once in a while, I don't need to use 75% of my abilities. So why bother? Because I believed in SCH, but now its SGE time sadly.

The ONLY time healing is fun in this game is when I solo heal raids, whether because the other healer DCd in an 8 or 24 man raid or I get stuck as the only healer in DR, that's when I feel most powerful as a healer. I dont know what the solution is to the healer problem, I'm not a savage raider, I'm just a casual that wants to get the most out of all the jobs in the game.

I will say this, Imho leaning hard on the green dps meme is really the future for healers in FF14, if SGE is well received then I would like SCH to become a tactical, combat medic of the battlefield someday. Enfeebling bosses, laying traps, etc., a commanding presence in wars like they were in the lore of Limsa.

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