House Democrats keep $1,400 stimulus checks, $15 minimum wage in $1.9T COVID relief bill

What about people that were in the hiring process when they pandemic hit? Myself and a lot of other people have I've been left out of unemployment because we were either entering the job market for the first time or we're taking skills and experience we had got at other jobs to a new employer to get a raise.

If you hadn't noticed, one of the only ways you can get a raise in America is sometimes to jump ship to another company. Even though I had several promotions at my last company the raises were pretty bad and sometimes the company would just milk people until they left the company for a better job. I got a lot of experience skills there but I decided to enter the job market to find another job. I had just completed my final interview at the company I was trying to get a job at and they signal to me I was going to be getting an offer letter soon.

Then the pandemic shifted into high gear and the company actually ended up laying off people instead of hiring and I never got my offer letter although they said when things get better they'd be happy to discuss hiring me again.

Probably millions of people are in this situation, I think the system is not perfect and if you look at students Independence and other people there are lots of folks that are not getting these mythical unemployment checks.

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