House Flipping Beginner In Virginia - How to Start Flipping ?

House Flipping Beginner In Virginia - How to Start Flipping

Stephen is a beginner at house flipping and got his start and funding from

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Now it's really easy for getting started with your own house flipping business.- House Flipping Steps for Beginners.

Part #1: Assess Your Cash Situation.

Part #2: Start Building Your House Flipping Team.

Part #3: Find A Good House to Flip.

Part #4: Do the House Flipping Math.

Part #5: Manage the Rehab Tightly.

One of the things about dohardmoney is that they won't allow you to make a mistake they will only allow you to make good investment deals. Which is a great thing this is basically your opening living room concepts a lot of windows for somebody to come in here. My name is Steven I'm originally from Nassau Bahamas but I live in Virginia Beach Virginia. I'm electrical designer and a Power Distribution designer how I got stumbled into real estate investing was I went to a seminar and at that point I know I always wanted to do investing the reason why I decided to move forward as property was for one the purchase price where I bought it at in relation to what I can sell it for also the location for a family moving in it would be safe for their kids to go outside and not have to worry about a lot of traffic this would be considered a master bedroom as you can see we have the high vaulted ceilings one of the things that was definitely helpful to me that do hard money provided was a project manager with the project manager I was able to call him and ask him questions about any issues that I wasn't aware of or anything that I wasn't clear up a couple of things I learned one in particular when I got involved with do hard money on my private lender they had a lot of tools and a lot of resources that were easily accessible to me they had tools in there that I can go in and plug in data that I've collected from the area that allow me to come up with my ARV what is my after repair value the biggest challenge. I had to overcome was I didn't know a lot of information about real estate investing or Warren Buffet he said the way to decrease risk is to increase in knowingness so I had to do a lot of research a lot of study up on investing and once I gained my knowledge that made a little bit more easier for me to involve and real estate investing I'm gonna go up here to the second floor here what we did we kept the paint we gave it a fresh coat of paint change the outlets one of the things that has to be valuable that I would have told myself Ben I didn't now when it comes to flipping homes or real estate investing is that when you come to visit the house for the first time that you bring a general contractor somebody that can go underneath the house and check the structure they can check the beans and make sure it did not rot it but there's no fungus and then they're gonna turn my damage when the home buyer brings their inspector they're gonna go underneath the house and if you've made the house or pretty on the inside and didn't check or verify underneath the house it's gonna cause your damage there one of the tools that do hard money provides.

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