House passes bill to make Washington DC the 51st state

Do you really think you're the first person to discover that the constitution says DC is not a state, and that this fact eluded the entire House of Representatives and everybody pushing for DC Statehood? Obviously it accounts for that, it shrinks the size of the federal district to basically just be the national mall, and the rest of what was-DC becomes a new state.

Really, DC citizens get to have a senator to represent them. DC citizens have the greatest access to their senator than any state. DC citizens actually get to live in the town where their senator lives and works, some citizens are 5,500 miles and 7 time zones away from their senators.

First of all, it's obvious how ignorant you are when you say "their senator". They don't have a Senator.

Secondly, this is the type of shit that someone could only actually think if they've never been to DC. Senators do not go milling about with the regular citizens of DC, and random DC citizens do not go walking up to Capitol Hill to talk with Senators (and indeed, large parts of DC's population don't live particularly near Capitol Hill). Moreover, living in the same city as a government representative doesn't mean shit, especially when they don't actually represent you.

DC citizens are already the most over represented citizens in the entire country ... yet they want more.

Yeah, fucking entitled DC citizens, paying taxes and then also wanting representation. Why can't they settle for just paying taxes?

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