US House of Representatives votes to recognize Armenian genocide

Fuck all. I've argued with numerous tankies about the factual existence of the Armenian Genocide... An official statement that the Armenian Genocide happened is not an attack on Socialism, or even an attack on fucking Communism... Rather, it's a factual statement- and furthermore a warning- about the evils of authoritarianism and racism.

It fucking happened. It was horrendous. Very few people that are alive today were responsible for it. We members of younger generations do not need to feel guilt about it. With that in mind, I sincerely hope we can all agree to:

1) Never forget it.

2) Never repeat the mistakes of the past.

Erasing the horrors of history does us, in the present, a tremendous disservice. And beyond that, it's a terrible disservice to future generations.

Fuck me. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it. Hell, I wasn't even alive when it happened. But I'll be damned if I ever deny it, and I'll be damned if I stand silent while a similar event happens while I'm around.

I don't even know if there's a point to my comment here. But fuck it. While I believe this acknowledgement is mostly political posturing by my countrymen, as cheesy as it sounds, I sincerely believe that the United States' official acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide will prove to be a benefit to all mankind.

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