House unanimously passes bill to designate Pulse Nightclub as national memorial

You can do it, but you have absolutely no way to enforce it. In what world have we been successful in mass confiscation be declaring something illegal? Prohibition? The war on drugs?

How are you going to convince people who live in rural farms with no police within an hour of their house to give up their guns? How are you going to get inner city residents in dangerous neighborhoods give up their guns? How are you going to get criminals to give up their guns?

You simply won’t. You can make a law, and you’ll see the government use it to make an example of our some people...probably poor people and people of color, but nothing will change as far as gun crime.

It’s not defeatist to point this out, it’s the actual first step in fixing the problem. The sooner we give up pipe dream of disappearing firearms from existence, the sooner we can get working on ACTUAL policies to address gun violence.

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