House of Wolves Expansion Raid

Defense on the Queens Throne:

Start at a landing bay where you land for access to the Rift. Fighting around crashed ships and flaming debris, you fight through Waves of Fallen as Servitors try to open the Air Lock to wipe the raid group, as your Ghosts work on sealing off where the Fallen are coming from.

When Ghosts succeed in sealing them off, the Raid Group goes up a large Elevator that would take them to the Throne Room.

Your Ghost reports that Servitors are cutting off power to the lifts elevation system, and the Elevator falls. Landing at the bottom room, the Raid Group's shields are damaged due to the fall.

A 2 Fallen Walker are 200 Yards from the Elevator. As the Group has to take out the Walkers on both sides (at 10 and 2) and waves of 15+ Shanks coming from 12 the back of the room. After 3 Waves of Shanks, 10 Dregs and a Shielded Captain come, this pattern repeats. When one walker is down, or both are at 50% Health, Waves of 5+ Stealth Vandals come out of doors now open (at 4 and 6). When both Walkers fall, a Legendary Captain comes out of each of the wrecked Walker. Once they have been killed, the Raid Group advances to the back of the room.

As the group travels up a secondary path of stairs and rooms containing Vandals and Dregs strapped onto tables and cages, and vials jars filled with Organic Organs. You Ghost comments "What are they doing here?" Then the group comes in conflict with groups of Dregs, Vandals, and Captains. The Door to the Throne Room is sealed shut, and your Ghost has to pop the door.

Cut-Scene: As the Doors open (Camera pointed at the door the Raid Group is entering through) You hear mumbles from a Fallen. (Camera cuts to the Throne) You see a Captain holding a knife to the Queens throat, and then you hear a gun fire. (Camera points back to the door where your character has just fired your Primary Weapon. The Bullet travels to the Captain, and hits him in the head and startles toe Captain.

The Queen uses this to take the knife and stabs the Captain in the side. She yells to the Raid Group "Guardians!" as you see the Raid Group being electrocuted and brought to their knees. The Queens Brother (surrounded by a dark aura) walks out of a door to the Left of the Throne Room. Holding a Knife in one hand and a HandCannon in the other. He bows and says, "Guardians, you have come so far, just to fail" He walks over to the throne, and he motions as a groups of guards grab and arrest the Queen.

He sits on the Throne as the Queen is dragged away. The Raid Group, still being pinned to the floor with Electrical Energy. The Queens Brother puts his feet up as a group of Vandals come to Him. He motions at the Raid Group, and the Vandals face the Raid Group. As the Vandals approach the Raid Group, the Ghosts of each of the Guardians come up and create a circle around the Guardians as a flash of light blinds the room. The Queens Brother yells "No! Release the Chimera!" as He slams a button on the Throne. The Room shakes you go back to First Person Mode. The Queens Brother walks around the Throne as the Raid Group kills the remaining Vandals and Guards.

The Queens Brother Monologues "Oh bearers of the Light, you are not natural to this world. You may have been brought back by light, but your light will fade in the Darkness! Your light will go out! The Darkness will never fade it only consumes and grows!" The Ghosts form together, Six Voices at once say "Light is Knowledgeable, Light is Powerful, and these Guardians are made of Light. You will Fall!" The Chimera smashes through the wall to the right of the Throne. The beast is made parts of Fallen, Awoken, and Machinery formed together and radiating with Darkness. The Ghosts shape into a Shield Gun. A Guardian picks up the Weapon and fires it to bring down the Chimera's shield of Darkness. At 50% Health, the Beast forms into a mount for the Queens Brother, he jumps into the Chimera they then run around and attack the Guardians. The Ghost Shield can be used to stop them from Charge Attacks and leave the Chimera venerable to attacks. Cut-Scene: Once the Chimera is Killed, a Portal opens, and the Queens Brother jumps through saying "I will end this, one way, or another!".

The Guardians attempt to go through the Portal, but the Queen enters the Room, She says "Guardians, you must hurry! Go!" The Ghosts say simultaneously "Guardians, our readings say it leads to the Tower! The Speaker!" End of Part One if the Raid.

tried to make some sense of it ._.

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