Houston hospital suspends 178 employees who refused Covid-19 vaccination

some of them are probably doctors. I’m so tired of being stuck in this state with disability; and I’m so tired if being victim blamed over my PTSD towards doctors. “You have to be your own advocate! You have to make the system work for you! Call every day and see if you can get a more reasonable appointment time.”

The healthcare culture here has taken at least one decade from me, and while that’s not and objective statement I promise it’s not melodramatic/exaggerated. Life has so much less color. I can’t escape. I just want out of this state but I can’t gain the basic functionality I need to move.

Yes there are absurdly backwards doctors and healthcare administrators. They cause tremendous harm. They have power over the most vulnerable adults and children. It’s just one of many institutional failures in this empire built on blood.

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