How do i(19f) cope with pretty much being parentless? i cant seem to stop thinking about it, and its weighing down on me

So, I come from a super fucked up situation with some similarities to yours.

Step 1: Grieve. Allow yourself to grieve. I fought this one for a very long time but you can't heal until you process, you can't process without grieving. Step 2: Realize that your biological family isn't necessarily your family. Family is the people you chose for yourself. You WILL have a family one day and it will be beautiful because you'll appreciate the fuck out of it.

Lastly, force yourself to realize that you can be and have anything you damn well please IN SPITE of them. Don't use them as a crutch or a reason why you do fucked up things, but rather use them as the reason you don't. I was told I would be nothing, I would never have a family or people that loved me, that I would end up as a drugged out hooker on some corner (I was 14 when told this) and you know what? I have a graduate degree, I'm happily married, have a house and a white picket fence and have started a family. Fuck them. It's their loss for missing out on you.

This got long. If you need a friend you can PM me.

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