How do I [21/F] be comfortable around boys, not be nervous and start a conversation?

I'm religious but I was conservative, when I was young, because it felt right and I didn't want it to be "immoral". My family was also strict so I didn't talk to many boys although I had the chance to.

I see how I can force myself to talk to him, but I'm so afraid if it gets awkward or he's not interested or what will we just talk about, and how will I cope with others seeing us talking? I'm afraid I'll embarrass myself so much and might make him lose interest; I don't know if he's even interested. All these 4 years have been so confusing. There were 2 other boys in my class who used to look at me all the time and I knew it all, but I felt like a stone, I did feel things but I couldn't express anything to anyone. I have no problem talking to girls, but I do take time to open up to new people.

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