How do I (22M) let my university know of the misandry of this ex-friend (23F)?

Why are you coming here and asking us that? Different subs have different people man. They all have their own biases. Stop taking Reddit as gospel truth, all this site is, is a conglomeration of millions of random people who all have different experiences. I can’t tell you why one subreddit had a different reaction to a different person’s post on a different matter. Because I don’t care about that, and neither does anybody else. Stop making it “men vs women” in your own head because that’s not how the world works, and knock it off with trying to get the university involved. You’ll embarrass yourself with them, what do you expect them to say? You’re going to show up and tell them “this girl can’t get a date and she’s upset about it” and they’re going to stare at you.

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