How do you know?

How do you know God doesn't exist?

Very few of us claim to "know that God doesn't exist".

The great majority of us say

"I've never seen any credible evidence that any gods exist."

"Sane and honest people don't believe things without good evidence."

"Therefore I don't believe that any gods exist."


why does the church get so much shit?

Because "the church" / religion has no justification whatsoever for its shit.

As Greta Christina says:

Religion is ultimately dependent on belief in invisible beings, inaudible voices, intangible entities, undetectable forces, and events and judgments that happen after we die.

It therefore has no reality check.

When people do shit to each other because of things like "You just smashed a big dent into my car" or " Your music is too fucking loud, turn it down", we can argue about whether they're overacting or whether they're really justified, but they can point to real reasons for what they're doing.

But when people do shit to each other over religion, then they're doing it because of nothing - and that's a pretty stupid reason for people to do shit to each other.


do you believe in miracles?

Of course not.


why do you give the bible so much shit.

People really don't give the Bible any more shit that it deserves.

  • We know that much of what is in the Bible is false. Those parts should be treated as false.

  • We know that many other holy books are false. We treat those holy books as false also - we don't treat the Bible any worse than other similar books.

  • Bible-believers don't agree about which parts of the Bible are true and which parts are false, and don't agree about how people who follow the Bible should live - and to use your own word, they cause a lot of shit because of these disagreements. These people need to get their shit together and agree about what's true and what's false, and how people should live, or else stop treating the Bible like any of it is true or worthwhile.


what is so wrong with religion?

Like I said:

It's based on believing things that either are definitely false or that cannot be shown to be true.

The Giant Space Kangaroo says that you shouldn't eat cheese.

Well maybe there really is a Giant Space Kangaroo, and maybe he has perfectly good reasons why I shouldn't eat cheese, but there is no evidence that that's true, and therefore it's dumb to believe that that's true.

Same for whatever religion you like.



When the religious people stop believing foolish things and doing bad things,

then we'll stop treating them as if they believe foolish things and do bad things.

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