How about a con-crit review exchange?

I like this idea a lot. Disclaimer: I will not have time to review others till tomorrow, but I will definitely do so. Concrit takes time, and I want to take enough time to do it properly.

I posted this chapter on Wednesday. My main questions are:

- Is the pacing good?

-Do the action scenes flow nicely? Are they easy to follow? Are they easy to visualize?

-Do the actions of the protagonists and antagonists seem logical? Do the antagonists feel like enough of a threat?

Title: The Observer Effect

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: M

Word count: About 5500 for the chapter

Genre: Mystery/action/adventure

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence


Background info (in spoilers because I know some fellow redditors are following it): Viktor and Hermione have been kidnapped by some anti-government terrorists. These terrorists are immune to harmful magic due to a protective amulet, but not to physical violence.

Thank you so much!

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