How about a sticky post for 3D Touch enabled apps?

App name Context Menu 1 CT Menu 2 CT Menu 3 CT Menu 4
Stock Apps
Messages New Message First Favorite Second Favorite Third Favorite
Calendar Add Event
Photos Most Recent photo Favorites Search
Clock Create Alarm Start Stopwatch Start Timer
Maps Directions Home Mark My Location Send my location Search Nearby
Videos 4 video options to resume play with time remaining - - -
Wallet Primary Card Secondary/Tertiary Card - Last Transaction
Notes New Note New Photo New Sketch
Reminders New in notebooks - - -
Itunes store Search Redeem
App store Search Redeem
iBooks Search
News Primary, Secondary, Tertiary News sources - - For you
Music Play Beats 1 Search Last song played
Safari Show Reading List Show Bookmarks New Private tab new Tab
Phone First and Second Favorite Contact - Create New Contact
Mail Inbox VIP Search New Message
Camera Take Photo Record Slo-Mo Record Video Take Selfie
Facetime Call Last Facetime contact
Game Center Send Friend Request
Voice Memos New Recording
Find Friends List top 3 friends - - Share my Location
Contacts Show My Info Create New Contact
iMovie New Movie
3rd Party Apps
Evernote New Note Take photo set reminder
*Hipstamatic three different photo settings edit photo
camera+ take photo take selfie take macro view lightbox
Instagram New post, view activity, search, Direct message]
Pinterest create board search pins trending
Dropbox Search upload photo offline files Recent
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