How do you think about the way Chinese talk if you use the western standards?

"Your husband lost weight" (told to my wife, me walking three steps behind)

"His wife got fat too, no wonder she doesn't even want to walk to the parking lot"

And this is how wife lost a friend. But I've had caucasian people known for years back home tell and do shit you would never have heard or seen them do there, like this guy who recently ranted because I never call and share with him when I bake some cake after that one time I invited him and his lady for dinner and they came all sweaty after riding bicycles from the other side of town and she complaint about the oil I used to fry them melanzane alla parmigiana after I spent the past couple of hours cooking that shit. And while eating the guy told his lady "see you should talk more with his wife!" and she replied "but I don't want to, I think his wife's a jerk" "why", I asked, "because she said our chinese is crap". And when they left the sofa stank for days. I fancy myself the autistic but there's people who've had their hearts tainted here.

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