How addicting are the "addictive drugs" really for people like us?

Fuckin aye man, felt like I was reading something I wrote on my own life...shit, damn near same ages and everything. I'll make mine a bit shorter but I didn't do nearly as well as you did in school, had a decent job working for Budweiser by 24, but with no kids or wife, and STERLING credit...I had plenty of money available to me. Fuckin 80s dude, at one point I took out an $8,000 dollar "personal loan" and signed up for their credit card at the same time. Maxed that out to $5,500. Blew through all that within 2-3 months. I spent in the neighborhood of 25-30k within about 8 or 9 months on those god damn things. Lost jobs, lost condo, lost gf, friends, everything really. Moved back in with my parents(thank fucking god) and slowly detoxed and got my brain and wits back enough to known I can't ever do all of that again. This was nearly a decade ago and I'm only a BIT out of the hole I dug. One of the worst things I did during that wild time was neglect my health, I have Crohn's disease and by ignoring my health it ravaged my body. I now will likely have a bag on my stomach for life, permanent scarring on my body and can't do anything close to what I used to do for a job. I still dabble in things here n there but I've learned much more control now. I have a wonderful fiance and am a far wiser person now, but for this wisdom I have paid dearly. Things have been going quite well the last few years, but again that stage ended maybe 5ish years ago, worst was maybe 6 or 7yrs ago and I'm still not even close to dug out. You can do A LOT of fucking damage with opiates Flabarm hit the nail on the head perfectly, if you haven't yet try not to dip into opiates really would be my advice too. They're awesome yes, you will feel great yes....but its a slippery slope for god damn sure. Some people can handle a small bit here and there and never progress any farther but I know very few of those people. I've gained everyone still in my life's trust back and made amends with anyone I wronged but again, this is a SLIPPERY FUCKIN SLOPE...and you can fall right back down at any moment, quickly.

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