How advanced are ADODB connections?

Okay, I'm struggling a bit so heres an insight into the research I did when I chose my career path.

When I started I felt to get somewhere in this industry you have to:

  • 1 - Be good at what you do and put the effort into learning new things.
  • 2 - Have a love for the things you do, have a reason for waking up everyday and sitting behind a computer.
  • 3 - Find which tools (programming languages) suit you best and become the best at using them.
  • 4 - Be cool headed - There is no more stressful job than when working with software.

All the roles below could have involvement with VBA but for different uses. .

I looked at the major available paths in the industry:

  • Software Developer - Someone who works on writing Software for use by another user to capture data, speed up tasks, automate tasks and display information. EG. A CRM system is developed to capture customer information. I work with software developers to create solutions to everyday problems, I tell them what to do based on user requirements/shareholder requirements and they execute it.

  • Systems Manager - Someone who works on implementing software within the company and using this to its full potential. Don't get me wrong I spend a lot of my time writing code as well in various languages (usually on tight project deadlines), but my main role is finding and implementing software solutions that will save my company money/make money. I'm like the guy who links the programming team, the end user, the shareholders etc to try and achieve an end goal.

  • Data Analyst/Scientist and all the subsets - Someone who looks at sets of data and gets meaningful results out to save money/predict trends. Usually they will have knowledge of a database language for example SQL, Access and using the information captured by software will be able to come out with conclusions about various parts of the business. For example, a Data Analyst at Nike might be tasked with looking at the sale of footballs after the World Cup and coming up with a quantity that should be produced. Usually these people are very analytically and mathematically minded and won't be involved in producing programs.

  • Business Analyst - Someone who uses data to find how a business can improve its systems, usually this involves working with a data analyst to identify where a business can improve, writing up a business case to show their findings then working with someone like me to try and implement new software to automate tasks within the workplace.

  • Software Testing - Someone who tests a new program before it is launched and reports back to the project manager/systems manager with their findings to improve user experience or fix any bugs prior to launch. They will usually be given testing guides or if in a small business have to write their own.

  • Project Manager - Similar to systems manager but more hands on with individual projects, usually expected to manage things like budget, resources, staff etc but again depending on the size of the company project managers will usually chip in with writing code/communicating with the shareholders.


There are probably more, but its getting late and I'm supposed to be rolling out a new system tomorrow which isn't going to happen so I want to be awake for the meeting I'm going to have to sort out first thing. Good luck bro!

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