How do you think the afterlife works?

The body falls apart, then you realize the body was merely something you had and wasn't what you actually are.

As the mind falls apart, we find that it too was merely a thing we had, and not the true self, and with no more mind to draw boundaries between "self" and "other", we simultaneously become both Nothing and Everything.

The flow of time is a function of relativity, it can only move when two or more objects are in motion relative to each other, and when time ceases to flow, all possible realities exist side-by-side with equal probability of existing. We break that infinite storm of potential rule sets and combinations of available parts, players and scenarios, we break it by measuring it, by observing it.

Infinity is an abstraction that can only truly exist when unmeasured, as all measurable things are finite. Everything that can be defined is finite, which is why measuring infinity causes it to break down into a singularly finite orientation.

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