How to see an amazing new colour - True Cyan. Probably a repost but as many people as possible need to experience this!

"Color pollution" was a stupid term to use, but to say that "there isn't such a thing as "true" specific colour" is just flat-out wrong. There are true colors. Red, Green, and Blue are the primaries; Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are the secondary colors, there are many more in between. Pretty much every single color that can possibly be encoded in either the RGB or CMYK color spectrums has a specific name assigned to it. If you deviate by one from a specified color, it is no longer that color. 255-255-255 is White, but 255-255-254 is not.

The colors we see in the world around us are created by reflecting off of things (called "subtractive color" because you start with a pure white light and certain wavelengths are absorbed out of it, leaving us with tinted light). Monitors, on the other hand, do basically the opposite. They start with a pure black image and add color to it until it's turned into a reasonable approximation of the color they're supposed to be representing.

Unfortunately, additive-color methods struggle to produce perfectly accurate colors across the entire visual spectrum, so there are certain colors that you will never truly see on a consumer-grade monitor. Specifically, Cyan (Red's compliment), Magenta (Green's compliment), and Yellow (Blue's compliment). However, you can trick your eyes into seeing these colors by viewing their compliments (since monitors use the RGB scale, those are the only pure/true colors that can be produced) will show the opposite.

So if you look at:

Red:   RGB 255-0-0; CMYK 0-100-100-0
Green: RGB 0-255-0; CMYK 100-0-100-0
Blue:  RGB 0-0-255; CMYK 100-100-0-0

You will see:

Cyan:    RGB 0-(255/2)-(255/2); CMYK 100-0-0-0
Magenta: RGB (255/2)-0-(255/2); CMYK 0-100-0-0
Yellow:  RGB (255/2)-(255/2)-0; CMYK 0-0-100-0

When you look away. But you will never be able to produce these colors perfectly, since color replication must be done by whole numbers. So instead of, say, 0-127.5-127.5, you'll always end up with either 0-128-126 or 0-126-128; and therefore not a true Cyan.

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