How you answer this hypothetical on guns?

Thank you for asking this question. Disclaimer: I speak only for myself, and no other(s).

I would like the laws to be more clear, and thorough on gun ownership. If a citizen wants to own a basic hand gun (sorry, I don't know the differences) they should pass a lengthy class, and not have any current problems with the law. If they have a (past) felony, they must be recognized by the court(s) as being a citizen in good standing.

If they have a mental disorder, or violent history, they must be approved by a mental health organization, to be allowed to apply for a permit, and even then, it would be to own a basic hand gun.

If a person wants to own an automatic weapon, they must (again) obtain a mental health certificate, in order to request a permit, that must be approved by a specific type of court, with the understanding of weaponry.

I don't understand "hunting" with machine guns, grenade launchers, flame throwers, etc. Lets leave that to the military. Before I stop, I'd like to add:

I don't believe in reducing citizens rights. Where would it end? 1984.

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