How do any of you give a shit about this job?

After a few years on here I'm still not sure I get your schtict. Your flair clearly says ex ACN but you're in every thread shilling for Accenture as if they're not playing the same game the rest of the Big 4 tech implementation practices are.

I'll let you ACN guys in on a little secret here - you're still part of the Big 5. It's just that nobody cares about the business papers' prescribed labels anymore.

Every former Big 4 tech consultant I've ever met has a handful of gripes but is generally appreciative of their experience.

There's "not burning bridges," and then there's whatever it is you're doing? My own biases are clearly bleeding through here, but all signs point to you either still being with ACN or so insecure about that being on your resume that you need to pop into every thread.

What's the deal, Arthur?

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