How do you approach negotiating wages at a job interview?

It's important to me for an employer to be transparent about how much they think my labor is worth. I go to work for money, it's the only thing that really matters in a job to me. When a company assumes potential employees are looking for a job because it's "Their life purpose" or "Passion" then I want nothing to do with them because they think money is an afterthought. They use "negotiable" or "depending on experience" because they're trying to buy your labor for as little as possible. If I see a job posting from a company who has the salary clearly listed, I know what I'm getting into and I can see how competitive they are. Employers want employees to prove their worth, but it's really the other way around! A company needs to try to sell employees on working for their company instead of a competitor. For example, why would I, as an employee want to bother working for Company X for a range of $30-$50k "Depending on expereince" when Company Y has the exact same job with a set salary of $50k? I can just go to Company Y and immediately make that $50k salary, OR try to negotiate with Company X and hope I can prove why I'm worth $50k. A good company is aware of the fact that we all work there just because we need money, so just get to the point and tell me know much money I'll make so I can decide if it's worth wasting my life there!!

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