How do you approach it when you're not feeling good about yourself?

You might not judge a person by their job, but how do most women feel about dating a man who makes minimum wage?

Nothing is going to change about how society sees the unfortunate. They are invisible things, ugly things, sad and depressing things. Things to be ignored because most people think they can't be helped, because it's probably all their fault. Society believes the unfortunate are defective human beings.

In reality, most people are more similar than different. We have artificially expanded the differences between people by running an expanding function over society through many generations, producing a result that is a wealth disparity that is appalling. What this does is take a lot of normal, ordinary, even hard-working people and turned them into society's trash. Because they look despicable, we assume they ARE despicable.

We can't change how people see people at the bottom, as the disgust we feel is instinctual. We calculate that being homeless means you essentially can do NO GOOD AT ALL for society, which is so often not true. All we can do is change the numbers of the unfortunate to reflect what we believe they should be, by actually giving a damn about suffering and doing something about it.

Unfortunately, for most people they think that this means they're going to have to spend money on something they wouldn't ordinarily "buy" - helping the poor.

But there are better ways to take care of this: systemically. If we could correct the defects in the operating system of our society, just change a few rules or numbers that we DO have control over, many of the problems we would see would start to sort themselves out without imposing any new taxes or forcing people to contribute to some kind of social charity.

The waste and misappropriated resources in our world are the reasons most of us are struggling. Identify this and correct it, and then we can see the changes unfold with lower numbers of poverty and homeless. We can do this, it's been done before, we just have to keep talking and sort this out.

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