How to appropriately leave one new job for another?

Still sounds shitty to me. Sure you had a choice. If it wasn't a place you really wanted to work, you could have declined. If you're committing to a company... it's a commitment. It should be a place you want to work, for at least some amount of time where you can get up to speed and contribute. 6-12 months.

Now it may well vary with size of company and position, but I can think of even entry level positions where it's taken a year or more to find the right candidate, go through the whole process, and take them on board. It's a non-trivial undertaking and a serious investment to take on a new employee. Finding how they're going to fit, their on boarding, how that additional person is going to fit into longer term plans. And then they just bail. That's shitty.

But it is what it is. Go in, state the facts, and that's that.

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