How Do Archers Resist Firing Arrows At Everyone In The Spectator Gallery?

Oh fuck, that Bitcoin one already has been, or will be spammed all over those nerds subreddits. Actually, I take that back, that's 2013ish Bitcoin nerd talk, now they're all fucking sociopaths at others throats, so this needs a rage update version. (Seriously, the virus like expansion of Bitcoin talk through the nerdsphere is at a critical junction apparently since the coked up Wall Street frat boy types muscled in on the scene. Each generation of new know it all launches past the previous in pure narcissistic douchebaggery and bile, and it all swirls together with the well intentioned autistic older neckbeards who get off explaining how you're wrong. About everything. With links, footnotes, and presentations. Oh and the catch phrases and inside jokes, bllloooooscccchhhe (finger gun to temple kaploosh)

Sorry . Thanks for sharing these.

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