How are you enjoying your class so far in WoD?

I've had my ups and downs. At the start of WoD I was seriously considering re-rolling for the first time and I've played a Shaman since vanilla. I was almost in tears at the state of this class (both Elemental and Resto - I haven't played much Enhancement in recent years but I knew they were in a bad place too). I hated how terrible my DPS was and how lackluster my healing was in raids compared to the Paladins and Priests. I thought it was just me at first and figured I was doing something wrong (I always look at myself before I blame the class), but it was the class that was also suffering. It had an impact on my self-esteem as a player and I almost stepped off the raiding team in my guild as a result, but the officer I spoke to figured out I was just being a bit emo and didn't demote me. I've been in this guild a long time, I guess they know me well now.

I've rallied myself since then, especially with the buffs we recently got, even if they were fairly minor (at least on the Resto end, but Resto is my main spec). It's been a rocky start, but with some raid experience, some gear and some time to adjust, I think I'm doing a bit better and I've accepted that I won't be dominating healing charts like I did in SoO (I know healing charts mean fuck all, but it still felt good to know I was pulling those awesome numbers even if most of it was with smart heals). Now I'm just focusing on clutch healing those closest to death using my mastery and being as useful as I can with the tools I've got, especially now that we're on Mythic modes.

I don't consider myself a bad Resto Shaman. My DPS definitely could use some improvement since I've healed in raids for years but barely DPSed in them, so I haven't developed good habits that most DPSers have. Healing is my forté and I may as well stick to what I'm good at for now - even if I'm playing one of the less strong classes it only makes me stronger as a player, as it has done during WotLK (Ulduar), Cataclysm (T11, T12) and Mists of Pandaria (everything except T16). I've usually always embraced that challenge, but I guess now that I'm getting older I can't help but resent other classes for having it so easy! I was very close to re-rolling to my Druid. But being a Shaman is in my blood and WoW just wouldn't be WoW if I played anything else.

Plus we'll probably be overpowered in the final tier (as usual).

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