How to avoid giving into temptation as a Gnostic?

Here's what worked for me. Keep in mind I'm a work in progress, but I've reached a level of attainment I previously didn't think was possible.

You stop sinning through Gnosis. That is, understanding the big picture.

For example, why is lust a sin?

It's a sin because it pulls you away from loving the essence of a person; the divine spark of consciousness inside them, and instead desiring their outward illusory appearance. When a girl who has a boyfriend begins giving you signs of interest, and you flirt back, thinking here's my chance to get my nut. I'm way more of a catch than her pathetic boyfriend anyway. So you entertain the idea of seducing her. What happens if you succeed, with no intention of ever committing?

Well, for one, she'll have tasted the flesh of a "superior" man, thereby preventing her from ever being satisfied with her current boyfriend who's invested a great deal of time & energy into making the relationship exciting. Hypergamy won't allow her animal nature to ever be satisfied after you "raise the bar" so to speak. And now this poor guy will likely never trust again. You've increased the total suffering in the world, pushing us one step closer towards Hell. These are two people damaged beyond repair.

Now what if I told you that the same dynamics apply to all "one night stands", not just girls in committed relationships? What if you knew for a fact that girls with more than a handful of partners were more likely to get divorced than stay married? Well, this is a fact, published by the CDC... you can google that one. To put it crudely, men who are 8/10+ will fuck women as low as 5/10, but not necessarily commit. What does this do to the ego of a 5/10 woman? Will she ever be satisfied with a 5/10 man? Hell no. She'll settle for the provisioning, fear of dying alone etc, but secretly resent him. Maybe finesse an "open relationship" out of the poor bastard. Eventually divorce him, taking half his assets and the kids, while living off alimony child support and welfare.

Anyway, this is just the "red pill" angle, but if you apply similar reasoning to all the "sins" and take them to their logical conclusions, you'll see this big picture. And then you can choose to join the dark side, or hold the line. Part of ascension is making a conscious decision not to "pass on the pain". If you want to be a predator and prey on the weak-willed, realize that there's always something more powerful than you willing to prey on you. It's a dominance hierarchy reaching into the heavens, stopping at none other than Satan himself.

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