How to avoid in somekind skill based matchmaking

Why would they if they didnt even tell that sbmm is a thing. This method is the only way to realy enjoy the game. Hard truth i enjoyed ww2 10x better then this game only reason is SBMM when you play your level/skill players everyone will camp because the camper will always kill the rusher when sam skill. If somone is lower skill then you can kill the camper and rushing is an option in this game if you try to search your own matches its imposible. Hope they add ranked playlist and remove SBMM from pubs. WW2 had it own issues but i played it and had more fun then now droped like 30 v2 rockets, 0 nukes in mw maybe with this method i will drop one or two by the end of the game life cycle. Its not easy to join recent players but you will get in one lobby for sure mybe not the worst one but maybe the second or third but it will be more random and if they already in that lobby they had previous bad games exept if they docthe same method. Make mw great again share this method, and for reverse boosting im not a fun of it because its time consuming but i like that players do that this is an alarm for iw because the sbmm is a problem the biggest one in this game the noob players have more fun but they will never become good because of this. Sorry for long post. Have a nice day and try the method and kill some lower skill noobs make them rage we all raged when we started cod we were all bad but we made it.

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