How do you become a real man after being a loser for most of your 20s?

One thing that will hugely help your confidence is getting to a dojo

Go learn how to box, do Brazilian JJ, or MMA, Thai kickboxing or something

Getting in there with the lads will help you to build huge confidence in yourself and be in the best shape of your life

With work, are you making bank? How do you get to the next level? Work on that as well, as women love ambition.

I wouldn’t recommend therapy necessarily. A lot of that world is gynocentric and designed to keep you coming back. I know a few therapists (younger new generation) and they’re psychos. If you’re going that route, try to get an older dude (50s or older)

I know plenty of short (5ft 7) South Asian guys that are not good looking but pull plenty of women because they’re confident and they feel good about themselves. Maximize your looks by keeping a good haircut and facial hair, as well as good fitting clothes. There are Reddit forums that can help with this as well.

Finally, don’t do this “to get the girls” do this for yourself and your own self respect

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