How do you befriend someone with social anxiety?

What is wrong with you? I’m a severely mentally ill person and I’m actually nauseated right now. How dare you say we don’t give anything in return? What? Are we lower, lesser, life sucking humans because we struggle with everything we do on a daily basis? Fuck you. It’s not charity to be my friend, it’s a fucking HONOR. I means that I am fighting everything inside even more to be around you. IT MEANS I’m fighting the urge to never speak to anyone, fighting the demons that tell me I’m useless and not able to love, to be someone’s friend. And I give. I give more than you could ever understand. I’m the one person all of my friends have told me they can come to for anything, and I’ll drop everything in that moment and be there for them. I listen, I love, I care, I offer advice when wanted and shoulder to cry on when needed. I have an ability to empathize with dark emotions and people’s needs then you ever will, because I live in that place.

Just like it’s an HONOR when I become someone’s friend. That they can see the person behind the demon is a beautiful thing, and I am so very grateful for it. But it is not charity, and this post not only insults me but insults my friends who I showed to to, for they actually know what a friendship really is. I hope you learn it one day.

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