How to blackout your rims at home?


I am on my phone so pardon any typos. If you'd prefer youtube tutorials over reading, there are a plethora of how-tos:

Prep and items needed: 2 cans of plastidip, razor blade, blue painter's tape, jack and jackstands, tire iron, microfiber cloths, water, cardboard (2ftx2ft).

Time needed: About 2-3 hours.

Skill required: Not much

Step 1: Lift one corner of car, kick jackstand under (safety first!), then remove wheel.

Step 2: Clean the shit out of that wheel. Use wheel cleaner if you want, followed by water. Water itself works. Scrub it with a microfiber cloth. Use microfiber to dry.

Step 2: Take wheel, prep by putting painter's tape on the majority of the tire. Leave a gap around the rim's lip.

Step 3: Set that bad boy on the cardboard. Overspray will go on this cardboard, easier cleanup

Step 4: Bust out the Plastidip. Hold about 6-12" from wheel, spray it on in smooth and slow sweeping motions until it's speckled with plastidip. Wait 5 minutes, repeat. Keep repeating. Like 5-6 times. After a half an hour and 5-6 sprays, it should be uniform and it should cover the entire rim. Prop rim up so it's standing on the tread, do a couple coats on the back of the rim (don't lay it on the rim's face, prop it up so it doesn't scuff/damage the plastidip). Every square inch should be covered with plastidip at this point, with a nice even uniform texture on the front.

Step 5: Bust out the razor blade after plastidip dries, and gently dig it in at a 45 degree angle right where the inner edge of the rim's lip meets the tire, and circle the rim at a 45 degree angle. Then use razor to carve rings around the inside of the lug nut holes (right in there, 45 degree angle, so the lug nut never touches the plastidip, torquing in the lug nut on plastidip might pull it off the rim right there and cause problems later). Use razor to peel back a little bit of the plastidip, pull it out of the lug nut hole.

Step 6: lamest part: peel the plastidip off the tire. It'll be a chore. It should come off with the plastidip on the tire intact since it was severed by the razor blade.

Step 7: Rim looks good? Slap it back on the car and start another.

Should be good after a few hours. Takes some getting used to. If your last rim looks better than your first (after getting the hang of it), redo the first.

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