How is Boyds still in business? [Rant]

Alright man, you seem to be taking this personal. So I'll make my gripe with savage clear after clarifying my experience with them.

I know the thxp is pretty much the equivalent of the remington 710 or 770. Cheap rifle for Fudd to put bullets in deer. It is better than the 710 and 770 I guess but at best I got 2 moa at 200 yards with handloads. This was my little cousins rifle that he got because he wanted a 308 like my FN SPR. After market support was not there but o well.

The 11VT is a great rifle for between hunting and target shooting. My wife got 1 moa out the box and better once I hand loaded and bedded the stock. The issue with that was even with the accustock, it needed a new stock. They advertised the stock to be a solution to the cheap garbage stocks that they normally put out.

I had two older long actions that were awesome. Accutrigger, barrel nuts, locking lugs, all that is great and what they are known for but they just can't get a stock that works. They would be better off just selling barreled actions.

Basically the big hurdle Savage overall is facing is that they refuse to find a solution to their stock issue. If they could put out a decent stock on their good models, then they would probably shake off the stigma and do much better as a company. They could rebrand and it would put them in the market share as a low budget tikka; i.e. doesn't require much tinkering and could double duty as a precision and hunting rifle. Hell, I would be even happy if they just contracted Boyds to manufacture stocks for them so I wouldn't have to deal with their customer service.

Back to the topic of this rifle, the b mag is a failed product because good shooting ones are the anomalies and problems are the norm. They hyped this rifle and caliber to be a long range hunter but what it really seemed was that they wanted to have their name associated with the "fastest rimfire around". Everything from the initially realsed barrel itself ( too slow twist), to the magazine design (ruger knockoff that is incapable of being loaded fully in less than 2 minutes), to the safety (recall), to the way the action cycles (super heavy cocking mechanism ) was a mistake. Even after the rerelease of the SSHB with the faster twist the majority of them still shoot aweful. They cannot have made any money off this rifle after all the returns and replacements. They rushed this product to market and took a hit on their brand name.

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