How do you break up with someone you love? I adore him and he adores me but there are fundamental differences in our values that lead to me believe we won’t work out in the end. Advice and/or internet hugs needed

I feel you. Same thing is happening to me currently. Im stuck hoping that something will happen to make the decision easy, but i dont think it will. Hes a sweet guy, but our relationship is based on me hoping that hell grow up and get his shit this point, I believe that hes placing his bets on me getting my life together for the both of us. He decided to forgo school this semester bc he planned on getting a job in the summer and spending the fall getting settled. So far no job even. I graduate in may with a masters in accounting and have a job waiting for me, and ive worked atleast 30 hrs the whole time ive been in school. (For more context, hes 30 and im 25. He had to move back in with his parents right before we started dating 2 years ago and is still there)

i have sympathy bc his life is kinda shitty..but its honestly not the worst situation ever and he could overcome if he wanted.

I dont require a guy to have a money or job, but i do want someone with the willpower to pick themselves up and do whats needed to get themselves outta shit without leeching off their family and SO.

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