How to Bring Back Front Yard Businesses

This sounds good but I think most of America needs to be torn down and start over. Cheap stick housing that was never built well, planning that was poor when it was even present and usually about race 99% of the time has left us with crap old houses that aren't worth it. Traffic, with a grid from the 191Xs and water that's still carried by lead pipes. Probably has no insulation and a fossil fuel burning heating system.

Tear it down, build a neighborhood of 2-4 story store fronts with apartments on top. Just one of any other model that has worked since man has been building multi-story buildings. We used to know how to do this.

Going deeper, the US adopted on a massive scale neighborhood design from the 18th and 19th century which was crap and.. again, racist.

All of this stuff is legacy and really hard to overcome. You can eminent domain poor people to make it happen but that's messy and BS.

Layering this kind of stuff over bad doesn't fix anything.

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