How to buy a bus ticket in Russia

You make some assumptions that I think you don’t understand.

American Express is not a credit card. It’s a charge card. And note I used that specific verbiage in my op. I have no limit on it, though some members might and I did when I first joined. You also CANT carry a balance at first, though over time you can request to if you wish. We literally do not pay interest on our charges.

American Express is a merchant service that I PAY annual fees to be a member of. That fee specifically gives me consumer protection and an advocate against bigger companies. It also gives me insurance on vacations, car rentals and hotels. At higher membership rates you get a full service concierge.

This is literally what they exist for. And yes the specific scenarios you describe have happened. My card numbers were exposed when companies fail at security. I can’t help that. Home Depot has been hacked, as has chuck fil a. My card has been physically stolen at gunpiont. There isn’t much I can do about these things. Carrying cash puts me MORE at risk. As does carrying a debit card daily. So we run charges through them, evaluate and monitor the charges diligently and report anything suspicious. They also monitor and report to me suspicious behavior (which is sop for any credit company these days too).

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