How do I buy international stocks in Egypt?

The process is simple:

Find a broker who has the S&P index fund, and invest through them. You don’t need to have your money in the US. You will need to supply proof of address and ID for international anti-money laundering requirements Fund the account The most important things are

Buy the market and not individual shares or keep individual shares to 10% of a portfolio Being long-term beats short-term. It is safer as per the figures below and is more profitable due to compounding:

Not speculating Be very disciplined. This is easier said than done. I have lost count of the number of people that claim they won’t try to time markets, or will not panic if “2008 happens again”, only to panic in 2020! The statistics are clear. Those that invest for themselves, often get 2%-5% less than the SAME index they invest in! The reasons are simple. They try to time when to get into the index

Or even if they don’t panic when markets are down, they tend to invest less during periods like 2008 and 2020, and more during good periods for markets So getting proper advice makes sense. It is a bit like having a trainer at the gym, as opposed to relying on your own self-discipline.

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