How can I [22f] stop feeling sad when my bf [21m] expressed physical attraction for other women.

There are few dynamics that are making it a real issue. Before I met my boyfriend I thought I was asexual. I rarely ever see any person I think is sexually attractive. I guess because I don't have the same kind of attraction to other people I feel like hes going to run off with someone else and I'll be left all alone.

Another problem is that when we first stated dating he told me he doesn't find blonde women attractive (I'm blonde) and his usual type is latina women. That's pretty much the opposite to what I look like which makes me feel insecure all the time. He has also said some things that I consider to be quite insensitive. When I met his extended family, one of his aunts said that I was the prettiest girlfriend he had brought to meet them. He replied in defence of his partners saying that all his exs had been pretty. One of his friends also commented on my appearance when we first started dating, hinting that my boyfriend had downgraded. He defended me but it just didn't feel very genuine I guess

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