How can we, as citizens, prevent environmental collapse?

In order to help protect the envirornment, we all need to take action. I have been a volunteer at this memorial ceremony last year and have received many supportive comments. I have sent many photos of what I saw and shared them to you on social media. I am asking you to take your photos in all cases because of the actions and messages I receive on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

I want to take this responsibility to say thank you to all who support me and share the photos they have of the moment that really matters, as well as the support I receive from my supporters. I think it's in this moment that my spirit, memory and memory has made a difference.

In the spirit of the spirit of good karma, I wish someone an uplifting day of freedom, with all its possibilities. I am the one that will do whatever is necessary to save the environment from extinction. I'm doing that by sharing and blogging about this issue. I love you all, and I thank you to every one of you for having your support.

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