How can we convince more men to become feminists?

Depends what you mean by a feminist?

For example, my beliefs: I believe the wage gap isn't about how much women get paid, but equal parts a lack of motivation for women to achieve higher levels of STEM education and over motivation for me to do so. (We define a male by their job, women less so)

Sexuality, transgender, and identity debates have absolutely no place on the feminist agenda and are completely seperate issues. Treating them all as one is only hurting the individual components.

The way to solve 99% of the issues isn't with laws and enforced quotas in boardrooms or movie stars, but with deconstructing the gender rolls that children instinctively construct: You might make things more comfortable for yourself with the former, but this will ultimately only generate animosity as people get passed over for less qualified individuals due to their grouping being over represented.

So, knowing these things you could understand how I can oppose most modern feminist movements, calling them short sighted, self interested and ineffective. And yet, I'd still call myself a feminist, as I believe women's rights are a core issue that has vastly overstayed it's welcome; a remnant of a bygone age.

So, I say I'm a feminist. Would you? Some wouldn't. So how are you defining "feminist"?

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