How can I cope with the lack of time to work out because of school?

You have a point but what hinders me to exercise is being forced to memorize Chemistry equations and such up to 1 AM. When I really want to do throughout the day is code, practice, do some maths, and of course exercise. I can't exactly cut PC and phones, that's exactly what I want to work with. In fact, they already are cut. I haven't changed my mind about school yet - it occupies your free time with useless stuff. Tomorrow, I will have 4 fricking tests. In just one day. They are Chemistry, Biology, History, and Philosophy. I can't exactly handle all these in two days, let alone spend some time for me and my stuff. I just think it's f&%ed up. I'm not unmotivated. It's been a while since I've had that much free time. And I just worked out for the first time in WEEKS. But that was it. Once tomorrow comes, I can kiss the schedule from today goodbye again.

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