How can the demiurge be ignorant? Does it not know how to read? Dyslexiaurge

It's funny, despite how much these "gnostics" vilify Ignorance and promote "knowledge" yet their whole game is Ignorance and no knowing, They Ignore the very real hell before us and live a lie of false mandates and fantasia against of all souls.

They worship and serve the very Evil they claim to oppose, God the monster the one Devil of this World we do not belong.

They have no idea what the monster is, They could not come to believe the Supernatural Horror of an Entity that exists amid them and moves Against All. Are they so daft that they thought this Evil Force does not see their every move, monitor all their thoughts and make all their deteriorating decisions? Did they think they could lie to not only themselves but the whole world? Did they think they could pretend Evil doesn't exist yet it's very titles comes from their very mouths?. Those who do what this Evil Force wants would not even know it is there though the Good the Souls who reject and oppose all of Evil are made to live living Torment and Horror, Pain and all beyond imagination in a world we do not belong and cannot settle with, A Hell we never Willed. The Grateful, The Humble, The Generous, The Aware, The Few and far truly good individuals on the Spiritline together.

Have hope my Children of the wasteland for we will make it beyond thunderdome, And these fools will evaporate through the ceiling to the pit down there at the bottom of the skies, haunted are the haunted my brother's my sister's and like soullight we glimmer to everlasting freedom, we are rising up the industrial steam pipe and up out of the concrete caskets. We are the things that are and will be forever, we want what is ours, Everlasting Freedom.

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