How can I (F 20) be less uncomfortable with my boyfriend (M 23) looking at random women on Instagram

I'm sorry ladies, but telling a man what he can and can't look at and what he can and can't fantasize about is control freakery.

  • He likes to fantasize and masturbate. More power to the guy. Are people really so jealous, envious, and thin skinned as all that? I think it's kind of interesting and hot, even, to know what my partner is fantasizing about. If I trust her to be loyal to me and our intimacy is good, masturbation in all its forms is no problem. It's just a part of her sexuality and that's yummy. If she had a folder of naked studs, I would find it pretty damn funny, to be honest.

Solution: Tell him to remove that stuff from his public profile and tell him to avoid looking at it around you.

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