How can I (F23) know if my bf (M28) is really into me or just is with me because he just wants to be with somebody?

That is a really good suggestion that I live somewhere else in his town for a while. I will ask him about that and see if it makes him feel any better,Although he said he loved living in the same place with me when he was here but it still might be intimidating him as you said.

He did mention that moving out of his family home will be difficult for him emotionally but he also said even when we move we'll be somewhere very close to them so he can always pop in and see them/help them whenever they need.

As for talking to him about expectations and future, I have tried that a few times, he says he doesn't know / doesn't want to think/stress about it or he want to take things one step at a time (let us get you here first) sort of reply.

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