How can I get/keep Narcan doses at home or office without having to pay hundreds of dollars?

I don't have a need for it.


it was not meant as a personal specific statement, so dont take it that way. just saying as far as if someone is inclined to keep another person from going dead, i put CPR knowledge, EPI pen or narcan spray in the same bucket as what I would want someone to have in their VEDC kit, to keep someone alive until EMTs show up.

no judgement if one does not want to carry that around.... I certainly had my reservations about performing CPR, and not the forcing air in lungs part but that I would have likely crushed a childs ripcage to keep their heart going long enough for a defib unit to be available.

Why would you need it?

I may need, I will need it because I want to be able to put an opioid user into instant brutal withdrawal that they will instantly hate me for..... just for them having the small chance to live another day for their mom or child. Cause not having that chance, or anyone that cares just enough about a sick human, fucking sucks ass!

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